Escrow Services

It is commonplace in today’s global market for counterparties from different countries who are entering into legitimate arm’s length transactions to seek fully independent, experienced, trustworthy and reliable escrow services providers to hold funds or other documentation in escrow thus facilitating the secure conclusion of a corporate transaction involving the purchase/sale of a valuable asset.

AJK has been entrusted to act as Escrow Agent on numerous large scale complex transactions over the past 20 years, as our clients have deemed that AJK has the regulatory background and expertise to deal with the advisors, accountants, lawyers and bankers of the counterparties and assist with the selection of the most suitable banking institutions for the escrow account opening, subject always to compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and pre-screening by the relevant banks.

All our escrow engagements have been supported with advice from top tier law firms in Cyprus and abroad and we are proud to state that all our escrow engagements undertaken thus far have been successfully concluded and our escrow agent obligations fully discharged.